Development Trends

Why Planning?

Population of the civil area of the Cantonment has been increased manifold since the last three census. The Temporary migratory population visiting for marketing in Cantt area has also increased in quantum.

As compared to such population increase in civil area, expenditure incurred on development activities like water supply, roads, buildings, drains etc. has remained very nominal. Thus the pressure has increased on the existing facilities i.e. roads, drains and water supply in absence of major improvement in these areas.

The position of these facilities has deteriorated and requires immediate attention for improvement. It is also seen that in the absence of any planning process in the Cantonment, expenditure has been made haphazardly during the past. Govt. attitude also remained apathetic towards Meerut Cantonment Board.

During the last Three years Cantt Board Meerut has not received any special grant-in-aid as well as any ordinary grant-in-aid from Central Govt, as a result of which Cantonment Board could not take up any development work in the Cantt. Whatsoever Development work was taken up during the last Three years was out of the proceeds of service charges.