Meerut Cantonment area is comparatively green and is very environment friendly. Similar to other Cantonments in the country. However, a programme is proposed in the plan for plantation of more trees on road sides and open areas lying unused in the Cantonment Criteria for selection of plant material on road sides plantation shall be in sympathy with orientation of roads, road width and inherent qualities of plant species. The selection of species would be from local flora. The plantation be protected with tree guards.


Cantonment area is the lung space of the city, with gardens, roadside plantations, green and large number of trees. The Cantonment Board maintains one big public garden known as Gandhi Bagh which also comprises children section, terracotta park, nursery and cricket ground. Besides two more public garden: Tilak Park and Jaman Mohalla Park are also maintained by the Board. 

Cantonment Board also maintains a Musical Fountain in Gandhi Bagh. Efforts/proposals are on for renovation of road sides green, traffic/triangular/circular points, upgradation of beauty and infrastructure of Gandhi Bagh and creation of new parks/round abouts. Ten triangular/circular parks/points on traffic junctions too have been developed.

The Board has proposed for development of area in front of Malhotra Enclave by way of developing park and landscaping. The estimated cost for developing parks during the plan period would Rs 25 lacs approx.