Land Allocation

The planning of Cantonment envisages compact development of planning units with a lot of land spaces available of interspaced land lying vacant. It is proposed to build Commercial complexes/Residential houses on the land lying vacant under the management of the Board.

The Board has planned for following commercial projects under the management of the Board.

  1. 1. Multipurpose Community Hall, BC Bazar.
  2. 2. Phurs at Mangal Pandey Bazar.
  3. 3. Highly remunerative commercial project of B.No. 180 at Abu Lane.
  4. 4. Shopping Complex at triangular Lal Kurti.

The Board has also planned projects for the general improvement of health and hygiene as:

  1. 1. Improvement of Abu Nala.
  2. 2. Improvement of Hospital with construction of new OPD Complex.
  3. 3. Laying of sewerage.
  4. 4. Establishment of Public School at Primary Level.

To reduce the congestion inside civil area Board also proposes to construct Housing projects on the vacant land prone to the encroachment.