Cantonment General Hospital is a more than hundred year old hospital, situated near Begum Bridge, in the heart of the city bordering the Municipal and Cantonment limits. It is spreaded over more than 5 acres of land. It is one of the oldest hospitals in town and is providing good services despite the fact of upsurge of private hospitals around it. It caters to a population of 1.5 lacs in the Cantonment area which also includes the population of adjacent city area. In the commercialized and professionalized era, it is still catering to the needs of the poor and rich alike.

In addition to the main hospital unit two State run Urban Health Centers are also established in the campus. Various National Health Programmes including family welfare and immunization programmes are carried out for the people through them. A voluntary organization "Kalayanam Karoti" is also functioning in the campus which is working in tandem with the Cantonment Board in the field of rehabilitation and blindness control.

The Cantonment Board maintains a 82 bedded hospital which has separate male and female wards, Operation Theatre, Pathology Lab, X-Ray Machine, autoclave, mini-lab equipments etc. U.P. Govt has provided a family planning Center inside Cantt General Hospital. One eye wing in association with NGO 'Kalayanam Karoti' is functioning. The Board has also provided the services of various specialists on honorarium basis viz Orthopedic, ENT, Pediatrician, Dental and Homeopath.

During the year 2003-04, 44372 OPDs were attended and 1627 operations including eye were carried out.



Inpatient services constitute various wards with the bed strength which is as follows:

1. Male Ward                                       20 beds

2. Female Ward                                  10 beds

3. Maternity Ward                                16 beds

4. Semi Pvt. Maternity Ward              10 beds

5. Private Ward                                    04 beds

6. New Private Ward                         10 beds

7. Eye Ward                                         12 beds

Emergency and delivery services are available round the clock.


A duty doctor and nursing staff are available round the clock for emergency first aid, admission and management of the patients. Decisions to treat, admit or refer the patient to a higher referral institution is taken by the doctor on duty. About 1500 patients are treated yearly in the Emergency.


Operation theatre complex has been renovated from time to time. There is one operation theatre equipped with two ACs, sterilization room, scrub room, changing room, pre/post operative room, waiting space and toilet. A Boyles' apparatus, OT Lights and an OT Table have been purchased recently. About 500 major and minor operations are being done yearly. Only elective operations are performed. For further improvement of Operation Theatre a sum of Rs 5 lacs will be required for equipments etc.


About 500 deliveries are conducted every year. Doctors make full efforts to induce a normal delivery in the expected mothers. MTP and Minor operations are also done there. Staff is well trained to conduct normal deliveries. For foetal monitoring Doppler Machine is used.

In order to modernize the labour Room a sum of Rs 5 lacs will be required for purchase and installation of 2 ACs, labour tables, Autoclave etc. and female ward renovation.



One 100 MA X - ray machine is functioning in the hospital. A radiographer is appointed who does the routine X-rays. Around 1000 X-rays are done every year. The machine is functional on the existing generator in an emergency. The radiographer is on duty during the OPD time only so emergency X-ray facility is not available.

A new ultrasound machine is needed to improve the diagnostic facilities. Also a radiologist needed to give expert opinion regarding X-ray and ultra sound diagnosis.

The cost of Ultrasound machine is about Rs 6.00 lacs. A Radiologist will be hired on honorary basis on payment of honorarium per month.


Hospital Laboratory has got infrastructure to carry out basic investigations. For specialized tests patients are referred to CGHS approved centers. One lab technician works during the OPD hours only. One auto analyzer is required for efficient functioning of Pathology Lab at a cost of Rs 6.00 lacs approx.


One horizontal autoclave machine is functioning in the OT. It sterilizes instruments and other materials for the OT, Minor OT and dressing room.


One dhobi is working on permanent basis. He is responsible for washing of Lenin and sheets of the hospital. Material for washing is supplied by the Cantonment Board. For the purchase of Lenin, there is need of Rs 2 lacs approx during the plan period.

As there is sufficient water supply and a permanent Dhobi, a furnace and water tank may be constructed in the campus so that the services of the dhobi may be utilized to the optimum.

For effective work one additional room, tank and furnace will be required the estimated cost of which is Rs 1.00 lac.


Medical records are being maintained by the staff nurses in the male and female side separately. A full time clerical staff is also there who keeps the financial and administrative records. They are responsible to send the money collections to the Board office regularly. A yearly audit of the hospital is done by the CDA.


A central drug store is maintained by the storekeeper cum pharmacist in the hospital. According to the requirement he supplies medicines to the wards and for dispensing in the OPD. Indexing of medicines is done by Cardex system. For the medicines which are not available, local purchasing is done for the CB employees.



A physiotherapy unit is needed in the OPD area to provide rehabilitation to the old and injured people. With an increase in the geriatric population there is a need to appoint of a physiotherapist.


This can be better maintained by having a good MIS. A new version computer is needed to be purchased for the hospital to help in administrative data processing, clinical data processing and medical information records. The estimated cost of computer with all facilities will be Rs 60,000/-.


The present OPD building is very old. The space available in the OPD building is not sufficient for the present Doctors and honorary doctors. This requires demolition and construction of new OPD building with all facilities.

The estimated cost of the OPD building will be Rs 30.00 lacs



A Pathologist, radiologist, physiotherapist and dermatologist may be appointed to improve the services. Round the clock general duty medical officers can be appointed to improve primary care. Fresh doctors doing intership can be appointed in the hospital with the approval of the State Medical Council.

Some of the staff looking after emergency services in the male ward is untrained. As the number of supporting staff needs to be increased to attend to the specialist OPDs some new appointments/deputations may be done so that OPD functions smoothly. The cost involvement on salary would be Rs 20 lacs during the plan period.


The hospital furniture needs to be repaired every year to maintain good hygiene.

A sum of Rs 6 lacs will be required to replace the old and damaged furniture of the hospital.

Recreation facilities may be started for the warded patients. Televisions can be installed for warded patients. The cost would be Rs 1 lacs approximately.


A new 63 KV generator is needed to take the load of air conditioners, water pump and in hospital electricity load. To maintain round the clock water/power supply 3 MPAs and reliever are needed. The estimated cost of a generator is Rs 3 lacs.


Lighting of Streets and other public places.

Sanitation of areas by cleaning of streets, roads, public places and drains etc.


Suggestion to improve the congested residential areas.

Development plan - Traffic regulation.


Multi level Parking Complex at Mangal Pandey Bazar.

Multipurpose Community Hall, BC Bazar.